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April 26, 2010

Big Ben's Blog and #1 Cochran

Some things you just can't make up.

I was wondering, does The Ben have a blog? Turns out he has a few. An early Ben Blog is It looks like a very nice blog.

That early blog explains that he's moved to a more professional site, Just in case that web server goes awry, the masthead looks like this:

Where does one begin? With the advertising, of course. I saw this image (to the right) on and clicked on it. Boy, I bet those guys at #1 Cochran are real happy about all the "earned media" and extra publicity they're getting out of recent events.

I'm sure that right now, the marketing and the web guy at #1 Cochran are just patting each other on the back and tweeting "who's the man! I've gone viral" to their friends and followers. And look: they've got the #1 Cochran logo in there not once, but twice, and painted red so it stands out.

So I thought to myself, hey there's a URL on that ad, so I clicked on it, and went to BIG BEN TRUCKS.COM, and it's true; you really can't make this stuff up.

Somebody more talented than I am (and they're legion) will be able to effectively Photoshop some people into that blank cutout next to The Ben. There's probably some funny juxtapositions to be had. I'm thinking maybe Terry O'Neill, President of the National Organization for Women, for starters.

Then maybe Mr. Rooney, who conveniently left it to the League to determine the response. He justified his abdication of responsibility by blaming the player's complex union contract. Not a lot of moral cred or leadership there. Not a lot of questions from the media, either.

Who else might be eager to be photoshopped with Ben, who can't appear with him because of scheduling problems? I know: we could put Mr. #1 Cochran in there, I'm sure there's a picture of him on the web.

Feel free to submit other recommendations for Pix With Ben.

I went back to and clicked the News tab, and I found this image (to the right). Looks like the special edition pickup truck has Ben's signature painted on it! Golly those guys at #1 Cochran are sure lucky. I guess that's why they're #1.

I bet those trucks really hold their value.

What surprised me, is that I would think that #1 Cochran wants to sell vehicles to women. (51% of the market, and all that) Even if trucks are mostly purchased by men (I'm not sure of that), they're probably making a financial decision with their significant other.

Why would #1 Cochran want to be affiliated with Big Ben?

I can't figure out their angle, but they're obviously very smart guys who are experts at what they're doing.


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