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July 24, 2012

Paterno's Legacy: Will Lance Armstrong be "JoePa'd"?

Benedict Arnold, Dr. Samuel Mudd, Thomas Crapper: men whose ignominious legacies are to have their names used as a pejorative shorthand (in common usage, if not in accurate fact).

Could it be that Joe Paterno's legacy might also be creation of a neologism, a new term for a scorched-earth, record-vacating punishment? To be given the Paterno treatment?

For instance, when/if all of Lance Armstrong's victories since 1998 are vacated, will we say he's been Paterno'd? Will the twitter feed look like this:


Anonymous said...

hell, I don't care what he was on. Winning the Tour de France that many times is unbelievable. Like the Olympics, I just assume they're all on something. How else could you endlessly peddle up mountains like that?

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