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July 25, 2012

Bradley Feldman-Wiggins and early Christmas Gift Ideas

We are gratified to see that others are becoming aware of the resemblance between Bradley Wiggins and Marty Feldman, as noted here and here:

Next, it is our obligation to point out that it is now five months until Christmas, and to support those who like to do their gift shopping early we heartily recommend the OneGood™ Earphone, which delivers stereo output into a single (right-side) earpiece (a remarkable development reminscent of the early blaupunkt days!) leaving the remaining (left) ear free for ambient sensory input.

In other words, this is the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones who stick ear buds in their aural orifices and plod gently along the center of your local multi-use-path (MUP), completely unaware of the people trying to pass around them or to warn them about the bear.


LRod said...
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LRod said...

Is there really a belief that there is a relationship between ah-Whiggins and Feldman? I heard Phil Liggett mention knowing his father (Mister ah-Whiggins) at least twice during le Tour.

ZJX, ORD, ZAU retired

P.S. Shame on you if you don't remember Carol Burnett's portrayal of Mrs. ah-Whiggins to Tim Conway's Mr. Tudbull. We do. My wife cannot see Bradley on-screen without calling him Bradley ah-Whiggins. I mostly can't either.

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