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July 23, 2012

NCAA's Victims Would Have Been Marginal Beneficiaries of Penn State's Conspiracy of Silence

The primary industry of Penn State, which provides a farm team for the National Football League while generating profitable content for television contracts, has been penalized for prioritizing the program over the physical safety of vulnerable children, and in fact allowing the abuse of children to continue unchallenged. Say it again: preferring child rape to bad news.

The predictable woeful responses will include outcry from the alumni - what will Franco Harris think? - sympathy for current students, future students, and children of alumni - potential future legacies! - who might have their assumptions challenged. We note that current football scholarship holders will be permitted to complete their education with their scholarships whether or not they play football.

In a transactional way, anybody who's an (innocent) marginal victim of these NCAA penalties would also have been an (innocent) marginal beneficiary of the conspiracy.

Defenders of the Status Quo will posit, "none of the people that are there now had anything to do with the great evil", and that's true to an extent. The new freshman player reporting in the fall didn't have anything to do with it. That new frosh will enjoy magnificent facilities, well-funded programs, weight rooms and strength coaches, computers and tutors, nutritional programs, television contracts, impressive schedules, and a high likelihood of Bowl Game exposure — and, although I'm sorry to borrow a recent meme, he didn't build any of that — the Penn State Conspiracy did.

Today's Penn State program is a direct result of the recent Penn State conspiracy, it comes from tainted money, and it should be taken apart.

Penn State is going to accept the NCAA actions as the cost of doing business, and the cost of staying in business, and the cost of moving on. Because it's business; no question.

There are 15 victims of Sandusky's actions and Penn State's conspiracy of silence that the state knows about; there's got to be a lot more they don't know about yet, maybe 45 victims. The young boys are the victims at Penn State. We don't even know who they are or what they need. Today's announcement is just paperwork and accounting.


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