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December 07, 2010

The Ben Roethlisberger Performance Metric: New Data Points

An earlier post described the Steeler's performance before and after the return of prodigal player Ben Roethlisberger and quantified the "Ben Gap", which is the difference in the team's performance with and without Ben.

Generically, you'd think that a team would do much better with the multi-million dollar franchise player than they would without the key player. So far, the Steelers do just as well without Ben as they do with Ben. If I was an Owner, I'd be wondering what I was getting for my annual cost of 12.75 million (even if I did save 1.6M in salary during the four-game sabbatical).

Week 1: AtlantaWINNo Ben75% WIN

Week 2: TennesseeWINNo Ben
Week 3: Tampa BayWINNo Ben
Week 4: BaltimoreLOSSNo Ben
Week 6: ClevelandWINBen75% WIN

Week 7: MiamiWINBen
Week 8: New OrleansLOSSBen
Week 9: CincinnatiWINBen
Week 10: New EnglandLOSSBen
Week 11: OaklandWINBen
Week 12: BuffaloWINBen
Week 13: BaltimoreWINBen

The table below identifies impending data points.
Week 14: Cincinnati---Ben
Week 15: NewYork Jets---Ben
Week 16: Carolina---Ben
Week 17: Cleveland---Ben

The Ben makes 250% of what Troy Polamalu is paid. Is that justified? If the team does as well without Ben as it does with Ben, is any of his salary justified? Because earlier in the year, when questions were asked, the Rooneys said it was all about winning football games.


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