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December 08, 2010

You've Got To Bereave: Pittsburgh Ghoul Pool?

You Gotta Bereave is a pretty cool website.
(No, I didn't mispell You Gotta Believe.)

What drove me to that site?
  • googling 'Elizabeth Edwards'
  • the eye-catching recent headline at MacYapper, JFK Humor: What, Too Soon?
  • the upcoming Post Gazette series, Mapping Mortality, which has been hawked in the newspaper the way that local television news pimps scary stories, as in "What common house cleaner unexpectedly causes cancer? Find out during our second hour."

I'd like to ask, is anybody interested in a Pittsburgh Ghoul Pool? We'd use a variation of these rules. There'll be extra points for picking Pittsburgh players. Players can be selected by more than one team, so there's need for an unseemly rush to glomm Sophie Masloff.

If you'd be interested in choosing a team for a 2011 Ghoul Pool, please leave a comment.


Kathryn Watkins said...

I love that website! It's real inappropriate--right up my alley.

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