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July 06, 2010

Strand Theater, Zelienople, this weekend: The Iron Giant

Zelionople's Strand Theater, a completely modern theater housed in the historic bricks of a 1914 movie house, is a favorite of mine. This weekend they're showing a gem, "The Iron Giant".

Wiki: "The Iron Giant is a 1999 animated scifi based on the 1968 novel The Iron Man. Hogarth, a lonely boy raised by his widowed mother, discovers a giant iron man which fell from space. Hogarth teams up with his beatnik buddy Dean to keep an FBI agent and the military from destroying the Giant."

Although the drama is set in 1957 within the context of the Cold War, the tension between the government-military-industrial complex and truth-love-peace gang is straight out of the 1968 zeitgeist in which it was written (and all that that implies).

It avoids being preachy, it's quite funny and a good entertainment. This is really an excellent movie for younger audiences, the people that bring them, or students of the 60's.

From the Strand website:
     Friday, July 9 7:30pm
     Saturday, July 10: 7:30pm
     Sunday, July 11 Matinee: 2:00pm
     Tickets: $5 each, $4 for Sr. Citizens 60+

For additional info call The Strand Theater at 724.742.0400


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