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December 09, 2009

TLC Fills Time Slot With Two New Shows

New York: Discovery Channel's TLC department announced that they've filled the void left in the schedule by the Gosselin debacle. The valuable time slot, originally used for Jon and Kate Plus Eight and more recently used for Just Kate Plus Eight, has been left without dedicated programming since Jon Gosselin requested a suspension of filming involving the children.

For the duration of this year's schedule, TLC will use that timeslot to present two shows on alternating weeks- one focusing on the mixture of celebrities and athletes, and the other dealing with managing complex modern relationships.

The first show will be "Tiger: In, In Three" focusing on golf superstar Tiger Woods' remarkable prowess on the links. This show will feature Tiger playing golf with a variety of celebrities at their own hometown golf course, and in each show Tiger will attempt to complete a par-5 hole using only three shots. Celebrities initially slated to golf along with Tiger include Eliot Spitzer playing New York's Bethpage Black golf course, SC Governor Mark Sanford playing on Kiawah Island's Ocean Course, and Jon Gosselin playing at the Emirates Golf Club in Dubai.

The second show will be: "Tiger Woods Plus Eight or Nine", a semi-documentary presenting how Tiger manages to juggle the relationships, schedules, and contact information of a coterie of hostesses, waitresses, and nightclub executives. In each show the credibility of one of the ingenue's claims on Tiger will be challenged, and she'll be voted on-or-off-the-show by the television audience. Behind-the-scenes cuts will include interviews with efficiency experts and technologists explaining how Tiger uses all the tools to stay up-to-date 24x7. Sidebars will include Twitter excerpts, email logs, downloads from Tiger's GPS, and results of Google image searches.

"We thought of replacing Jon and Kate with another superfamily, and we were thinking of this as an opportunity to upgrade to a size-10 or size-12 family - we flirted with another Table for Twelve- but at the end of the day, we decided to take a new path consistent with our target audience of puerile 18-to-26 year old males", said Laurie Goldberg, TLC spokeperson. "I mean, look at Eighteen Kids and Counting, when they arrive it looks like a clown car at the circus."


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