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December 08, 2009

Ubiquitious USB

USB ports started as off as a PC-centric (and, okay, MAC-centric) implementation for plug-and-play portable storage, but increasingly the USB connection is the standard used for recharging or powering a host of gadgets - iPods, cellphones, digital cameras, etc.

We have USB jacks in cars and in the newer TVs. This new wall plate (below) moves USB further beyond the computer by providing a wall jack that will recharge any device:

Available here, they'll be shipping in January 2010.

First impression: I love this. This is great. And it's only $10.
Second thought: Is that all there is? Just a dumb power supply?

I think the next iteration will be in-wall USB jacks that connect to the home network. Stick a thumb drive containing a movie into the wall USB, and the TV will play it. Connect a device and the home network will back up the files while the power system recharges it.

It all looked so easy for George Jetson. Why is this taking so long?


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