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April 15, 2014

Pittsburgh in Four Panels: Eagles, Google, Envelopes, Penguins

Sometimes the stories align and the Russian Roulette of the Post-Gazette content-management system manages to perfectly capture the Pittsburgh zeitgest. This afternoon's four stories, in close sequence, describe the curses and blessings of Pittsburgh.

  • wild eagles, nesting by the bike trail, above the bird watchers, where the factories used to belch smoke, flames, and soot, streaming over teh webcams.
  • CMU hiring a Google VP to lead their Computer Science department.
  • UPMC can make copies of Mayor Luke's hard drive, but then has to put it in a manila envelope for safekeeping, duh, the 1970's called and they want Perry Mason back.
  • Passive-voice boosterism about one node of the local entertainment trinity.

There you go. Everything Pittsburgh in four panels.


MH said...

Just this morning, I saw a guy wear google glasses. He was driving a car.

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