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December 12, 2012

More Informed By Headlines; Compare and Contrast

More in the vein of, Being Informed by our Headlines (About Us). Here are two headlines from today's newspapers, and a photo associated with one of those headlines. Can you tell which headline the photo is associated with?

You can click the photo to find out which story it's from. Because as near as I can tell, both countries have done the exact same thing. North Korea's rocket launch is scandalous, suspect, and condemned, while America's explicitly military rocket launch is routine, commendable, and deploys a top-secret payload.


Iron City said...

Bet people are more concerned with the North Korean launch because it is reputed to improve both N.Korean and Iranian multistage technology for access to orbit or ballistic delivery. In other words get better at getting at us. And that would be a shame because.... "can you spell 'preemptive strike' boys and girls?"

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