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February 08, 2012

Bravo Sheriff William P Mullen

When you complain about wrong things, you have an obligation to recognize right things.

Periodically we're reminded of how things are supposed to be, and we are grateful for those bright shining moments and the people who bring them to us, because these events don't just happen by themselves.

Occupy Pittsburgh acquitted themselves quite well, having accomplished their mission better, longer, and more non-violently than their movement did in any other American city. They ended (h/t Pgh Comet) on a positive note by praising Sheriff Mullen! in a press release, cleaning up their space, and departing lawfully.

It takes at least two to tango, and we must also point out that everybody else also behaved quite well during the Occupation; local police and authorities all supported non-violent citizen protest. Nobody got tazed, hurt, or ruined. Fortunately, everybody ignored the Boy Mayor's foolish rhetoric.

My compliments to all the grownups involved, and specifically a respectful shout-out to Sheriff William P. Mullen (who has a pretty impressive resume).

Of course, a professional like Sheriff Mullen needs a commendation from Anarchists and Occupiers and Bloggers like he needs a hole in the head, and when the reporter asked for his comment he stayed classy and 'asked to withhold comment until another day'.

But wait there's more!

Also in today's Pittsburgh news, a 67-year old who drove into a corporate building and then fled the scene turned himself into Pittsburgh police. He explained that he'd had a coughing fit; he was given four traffic citations and released, and he went back home. It could be, it might be, that something was going on that made the 67-year old North Side resident apprehensive about meeting the Pittsburgh Police right after the accident. Connect. The. Dots.

How did it come to pass that he turned himself in, and that he was handled so humanely? Why, the driver called Sheriff Mullen and asked the Sheriff to accompany him when he surrendered.

Thank you, Sheriff Mullen. Thank you very much.


rich10e said...

Van, you're right Sheriff Mullen accomplished what just about every other chief in the nation has failed to do and that was prevent violence and to oversee a a peaceful evacuation of an Occupied site. Some posters have bemoaned the two day it took to accomplish the final evacuation. It was worth every minute of it!!

Don Brown said...

NIce work. Thanks for taking the time to care.

Don Brown

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