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February 14, 2012

Awesomeness: Occupy Lego and PEX

They're baaaack: PEOPLExpress.
Based in PHF (Newport News - Williamsburg, VA)
Flying B737-400 (ie, real jets not RJ's)
Serving PIT this summer.

Of course, a lot has changed since 1987. Eventually we may see:


Lady Elaine said...


No Longer a Factor said...

Interesting. I guess there are a lot of travelers out there today who don't remember PEX. Good thing.

So now their plan is to "make air travel an enjoyable experience once again." Once again? One of the primary reasons they failed was because they eventually made customers realize that being treated like cargo wasn't worth the relatively low ticket price. Their demise is a storied tale and required reading in many business courses.

On a happier note; the reanimated People Express should experience far fewer delays in and out of Pat Henry than they did at the old EWR hub, but picking their city pairs will be tricky. I wish them well.

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