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May 23, 2011

Jordan Miles Interview and the Calculus of Justice in Pittsburgh

Bonus Assignments:
     1. Interpret the non-verbals in these two photos.
     2. Which people would you rather share a meal with? Explain.


Bram Reichbaum said...

"The Calculus of Justice" -- when you put it like that, it sounds about 8 times more ridiculous than I intended it to be half-facetious. Of course justice ought to be free, every American's birthright. But in the world of not-oughts, I'm reminded of another freedom writer, Frederick Douglass: "Power concedes nothing without a demand". And summoning what I can from the PR lobe of my brain, a two-digit number that does not grow does not signify, "Wow! Maybe we ought to take a closer look at this!" and motivate politicians to lurch, etc.

Continuing the Douglass quotation: "It never has, and it never will."

By the way, GREAT blogging lately.

Anonymous said...

I attended the three protests. The first outside the City County building had 150 people, the second outside Police HQ had 120, and the third protest outside OMI had about 90 people.

It's hard for people to give up an afternoon at the weekend. If you start asking people around the city what they think, you quickly find that a majority of them understand that what happened to Miles was unjustifiable. But in a city where police are never punished when they break the law, it's hard for people to have faith that their voices will be heard.

I have no respect for blogger Bram Reichbaum, who gladly volunteered to help the police find the prankster who created a spoof press release on the anniversary of the Jordan Miles beating, and now thinks that Jordan Miles doesn't deserve justice because there aren't hundreds of people marching in the street. There have been multiple protests on different levels. Last year, the Alliance for Police Accountability delivered a 1,000-signature petition to D.A. Zappala.

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