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December 30, 2010

Redemption: New and Improved Ben Roethlisberger

I am so relieved that we've all managed to put the icky unpleasantness about drunken forced sex behind us.

From Wednesday's Post-Gazette, the Pittsburgh Pro Football Writers have determined that Ben most exemplifies The Chief. I'm sure the Rooney's are pleased.

From Thursday's Post-Gazette, we have:

Nothing supports Ed Bouchette's assertion that there is more evidence of a new and improved Ben Roethlisberger off the field. The article certainly doesn't describe any indication of new-and-improved off-the-field Ben.

But maybe there is evidence, and I've missed it. Have you seen any? Have you seen anything like these possibilities?
  • Ben's anti-date-rape public service announcement
  • Ben's "no-means-no" lecture series to local football teams
  • Ben giving 10% of his salary to Milledgeville's rape prevention program
If there is evidence of anything like these examples of a new-and-improved Ben, Mr. Bouchette should have cited it. If I've missed it, please feel free to enter it as a comment.

You probably haven't seen anything like that, because denial isn't as effective as changing the conversation. When Richard Nixon said, "I am not a crook", people thought about Nixon in terms of "crookedness". That's why Ben moves the focus into, Boy am I glad I've put that interception throwing thing behind me, to me interceptions are just the worst thing, let's look to next week, I sure hope there's no interceptions, because I like to take pride in that". He's getting great advice. In fact, 54 percent of Western Pennsylvania residents hold a "favorable" opinion of the Steelers' quarterback.

It certainly looks like Ben is redeemed, and it took all of four months.

I would love to see an end-of-year "where are they now?" interview with that young college student from Milledgeville, GA. How is she doing? Has she found redemption, too?

Are there any journalists in Pittsburgh, or just Pro Football Writers?


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