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September 06, 2009

Post Gazette Plus Headlines 9/06/09

It does make me want to subscribe

It looks like very interesting content, but I can't believe they expect me to subscribe to PG+ without giving me a two-day or even a one-day free pass so I can see what it really is. Otherwise, I'm buying a pig in a poke, sight unseen, trusting that this enhanced context (which does look compelling, I've got to admit) is going to continue at this level.

I wish you could try before you buy

Salon gives you a day pass. When NY Times Select was running, they'd give you a day pass, and use cookies to make sure you weren't abusing it every day. Web content and crack cocaine use the same formula: first hits are free, and then you're hooked.


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Bram Reichbaum said...

I've read the rationales of the handful of bloggers who've signed up for PG+ (the only folks I happen to know, to my knowledge, to come aboard), and they all prominently cite the same reason that most tempts me: they all believe in print journalism and want to help the Post-Gazette out. I don't know what kind of subscription numbers they're getting, but I wonder if they're outstripping what might have been generated by an earnest, week-long pledge drive. "We need your help. Producing the journalism you enjoy is expensive, and the old funding sources aren't there anymore. To assure you keep receiving the type of service you'll only find at the P-G, give now and give generously! For $35.88 or more, we'll say thanks with a coffee mug..."

That way if the Jack & Reg Show turns into something unique and compelling, the whole world can still notice it.

Richard Scaife said...

I am a subscriber of the P-G Sunday edition.
I find their editorials to be very thoughtful, provocative, honest,and quite independent. In short I LOVE THE P-G!!
I would be honored to let you use my access.

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