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September 28, 2009

Google Love Sept. 2009

Time for the end-of-quarter Google Love post, hot on the heels of Google's 11th birthday. These are the search terms where recent blog entries get some decent results.

YMMV; Google is on a bunch of different server farms, each running a subtle variety of algorithms, and each updated on different schedules. Google is not monolithic. To say that term 'widget' has a z rating in Google is a statement of probability.

Anarchist Bomber, #1 in google.
ayn rand labor, 1
integrated tour de france, 1
G20 Pittsburgh Police, 1
post gazette plus, 1 (i'm a bit pleased at this)
ravenstahl bunker, 1
Search vs Finding, 1

Ayn Rand's Father, 2
northism, 2
Politicians Play Solitaire, 2
Ayn Rand Labor Unions, 3
women in the tour de france, 4
eliminating airline delays, 5
Dread Lord Zober, 5

Ayn Rand Affair, 7
Ayn Rand and John Galt, 9


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