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September 27, 2009

G20 Afterglow: Breaching the Event Horizon

Looking over the city at sunrise Friday, wondering if there'd be columns of rising smoke, and there wasn't: Priceless.

Drove into the city Saturday to attend a BaconPalooza at Shadyside's Harris Grill, with some uncertainty about what we'd find on The Day After. We found Pittsburgh, same as it ever was.

We did learn that it's a tactical error to drive through Bloomfield during their Little Italy days; my GPS wasn't clever enough to avoid that. The streets were crowded with booths and businesses and the Sons of Italy, with nary a black hoody or zip-tie handcuffs in sight.

The BaconPalooza was as advertised; we had shrimp-n-bacon, bacon perogies, bacon wings, bacon sushi, and a few slices of a Bacon Explosion (which was really good). We had bacon cupcakes from CoCo's Cupcake Cafe, also excellent. We did not venture into the chicken-friend bacon.

We met Pittsburgh blogger Mr. BaconPants, who unfortunately does not have his signature trousers for sale yet, but hopes to shortly.

We realized we had a shopping target of opportunity, so we went to the Apple store on Shadyside's main drag to get some replacement ear buds. There was a queue of people standing in the rain to eat at Pamela's. We saw plywood sheets on a few storefronts but there was no other indication that on Wednesday, people weren't certain what Thursday would bring.

In the week prior to the G-20, PghComet cleverly pointed out that anticipating the G-20 was like being at Nags Head and wondering where the hurricane was going to hit.

To me, the G-20 seemed like an event horizon; all planning, concern, etc. went as far as Thursday, and no further. Now we're over the horizon, and there's a day or so of the "sweet spot" familiar to survivors, followed by a too-quick return to the nagging details of life: money, health, politics, war, plumbing, logistics, car pools. Here we go Steelers, here we go...

There were a few blog posts during the G20 and the "sweet spot" that I really liked:

Best G-20 Burgh Photo/shop

Originally seen at ThatsChurch, from Burgher Magnus Patris' blog, we have this:

It's an excellent bit of work. Only Pittsburgh can turn a Greenpeace protest at a world economic conference into the backdrop for a sports discussion.


Infinonymous said...

The link to my completion of the G20 soundtrack has changed (technical problems).

Thank you for the pointer toward Riff Raff Gregg.

MrBaconpants said...

Thanks for the nice comments and yes I hope to have the pants for sale someday. I just need to figure out how to do it. Right now I am working on my own brand of bacon.

Also I am a fan I Ayn Rand and see that you write about her alot. I am not an Objectivist but I would call myself a Radical for Capitalism.

Anyway thanks for coming out and I hope to see you at next years event.

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