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August 23, 2009

Pitt Girl Fired at the Ravenstahl Bunker with Dread Lord Zober (Der Untergang)

I must say explicitly that Ms. PittGirl has no connection to this secret video of a staff meeting at the Ravenstahl Bunker.

The people who fired her are idiots. A public non-profit, depending on good will and fund-raising, firing a popular, witty columnist - who continues to publish in a local magazine. Idiots.

Last week, NEED was "Who?" This week, NEED is the clueless outfit that fired PittGirl. Next week, (1) NEED is going to be the outfit that was smart enough to rectify a P-R disaster, or (2) the person who fired the perfect social media advocate should also be looking for work, or (3) maybe not. Life's not fair.

I do like the line in the video about Pittsburgh: Black, Gold, and Green™.
Link to PittGirl's blog:

The background video comes from the German movie, Der Untergang (The Downfall) (2004). There's a whole genre of people taking the movie and inserting their own dialogue into the sub-titles. Unfortunately, the mashup sub-titles are generally inappropriate for children.

Example videos include:


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