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August 17, 2009

The Least Interesting Man In The World

(Other than myself.)

I'd like to recommend Randall Munroe's to your attention (wiki). This most recent comic is excellent:

I love (It is not always tween-safe.)

In case you've missed the reference, it refers to these commercials (which are mildly interesting in their own right):

Stay thirsty, my friends


Mark said...

The Daily Show did a version of this "Most Interesting Man..." riff following Bill Clinton's North Korea adventure week before last.

Very funny.

Bram Reichbaum said...

P-G Early Returns likened Dan Rooney to The Most Interesting Man In The World after word surfaced that he got the Irish to send troops to Afghanistan, or something.

I think these commercials are stupid as commercials for a beer -- I can't seem to retain what brand it's supposed to be for, and if I did, I wouldn't order it because that'd be like trying too hard to appear interesting and worldly. But it's a fun meme to have around.

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