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August 12, 2009

Google Caffeine : New Algorithm Beta-Test

If you'd like to see the "new" Google search algorithms in beta-mode, go to and search on a favorite term. Or whatever term you think your webpage was optimized for. You might see a different "top 10" than you usually do.

And if you're willing, Google would like your feedback on these new results. When you do a search based on the "sandbox" URL above, the results page includes a link "Dissatisfied?" (down on the bottom) that solicits your feedback.

Google keeps tweaking the process. For instance, previously you'd often see Wikipedia at the top of most searches. With Caffeine, reports are that Wikipedia is often appearing lower on the front page.

If the web economy is based on Google results - and a large portion of it is - then this is a potentially scary change for some websites. Generally, through all Google revisions: if you stick with basic "white hat" techniques, pursued consistently, and respect web standards, you'll do all right.

I'm reminded of one comment that "everybody's homepage is". And finally: if you surf over to, you can type in a search phrase and see the Caffeine and Non-Caff results side-by-side.

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