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July 15, 2009

University of Pittsburgh G-20 Microsite

Mega-kudos to Pitt for, an information source for people coming to Pittsburgh for the G-20, or writing about/ covering Pittsburgh and the G-20.

What an excellent website, driven by an obvious effort into being thoughtful about audience, purpose, and structure. Well organized, easily accessible, and I love - LOVE - how they identify Pitt experts on each of the G-20 countries, that's a killer move.

I love the story ideas under "Pittsburgh Gems", and I'm glad to see the Nationality Rooms addressed. IMHO, the Nationality Rooms show Pittsburgh "getting" diversity way before diversity became cool. I'd like to see each G-20 country visit it's own room, and those that don't have a Nationality room should commission one as a permanent marker of the G-20 summit.

This site is also an excellent resource to anybody trying to recruit somebody to move to Pittsburgh. What an excellent take on the Burgh.

I found this while visiting Nullspace. It's truly an excellent website, and - remarkably - there's no Flash on the homepage! (Sorry to be snarky. I'm just saying.)

My compliments to the folks that designed and delivered this. This is what it looks like to be ahead of the game.


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