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June 10, 2009

Logos, Propaganda, and Exploitation of the G20 Summit

We've got Heinz Field, and PNC Park. Corporations purchase the "naming rights" of public facilities (which we've paid for, by the way, not them) in order to get their name into the public's mindspace during high-visibility moments such as ballgames, championships, etc. When the new hockey arena opens, it'll be the Consol Energy Center. Repeat that name like a rented mule!

Every square inch of televised and photographed terrain is a marketing opportunity. Professional baseball is considering corporate logos on uniforms to generate income.

Here's a question: Besides Eyeflow's attempt to Googlebomb the G20 -- What places in Pittsburgh are ripe for corporate exploitation during the G20 Summit? What parts of Pittsburgh lend themselves to being co-opted by Anarchists and protesters?


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Idiocracy the movie

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