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June 10, 2009

The Best City In The World

The Best City In The WorldThe Economist : the best city in the worldI moved here in 1985, right after Rand McNally declared Pittsburgh the best city in the world. Although the steel industry was suffering, life was good here -- housing was cheap, and I would get a raise for transferring here --- so it was a no-brainer for me.

We moved here on the five-year plan, thinking we'd stay for five years and then move somewhere else, with the intention of ending up in Charlotte NC. It's funny that I stayed here, and all our airplanes went to CLT.

The Best City in the World : Pittsburgh

The Best CityPittsburgh is truly a great place to live if you can find suitable work here. The tendency for homesteaders to stay in place, and the tendency of homeowners to accept lower paying jobs and staying rather than moving (because it's hard to sell a house here) keeps salaries low. But if you can find a suitable job, Pittsburgh is the best city in the world to live in.

The Economist Intelligency Unit (EIU)'s report ranks 140 cities worldwide on 30 factors in five broad categories: stability, health care, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure. I think Pittsburgh kills on those categories.

Champion Football Team. Champion Hockey Team. Excellent schools and hospitals. Rivers, hills, bike trails. World class airport. What city doesn't want to be Pittsburgh? (Imagine if we had a baseball team!)

city in the worldThere are other places who might claim to be the best city in the world. I like San Francisco, Perth, and London, for instance. I'd like to see Vancouver, I hear great things about it. For now, for me, Pittsburgh is the best city in the world.

the best city in the world

Never one to waste a marketing opportunity,
has announced their intent to make Pittsburgh #1 in the SERP's for "The Best City In the World". At Pittsblog this headline grab is described as "foolish". I'd add counterproductive. This is akin to repeatedly IM'ing, "Here we go Pittsburgh Here we Go" and calling it PepRally 2.0.

eyeflow pittsburghSilly Eyeflow. The clever path is to achieve the SEO position and then announce your success. The skeevy path is to announce a campaign and demonstrate that you're a blackhat shop, or a grayhat shop at best. There's the risk you might position your own brand as a spamdexer and then not deliver.

Why would they do such a puerile thing? Where's the profit, benefit, motivation? If you were to play "follow the money", where does it go? I have a theory... Bloggers and newspapers will cover this and include links to
. They'd probably consist of underlined words such as
Pittsburgh web consultant
, or maybe
social media experts
, etc.

These links, in multiple blogs, persisting long after the G20, would be invaluable in boosting Eyeflow's position in the results. If this cynical theory is valid, Eyeflow isn't asking the public to Googlewash for Pittsburgh's sake, they're hoping bloggers cover the story in order to boost Eyeflow.

The best city in the world ?
Please click here to see what comes up when you search on the phrase, the best city in the world.


Anonymous said...

Do you people even know what SEO is or how Eyeflow works?

Anonymous said...

oh and it's safe to say that you would be "Googlebombing" for Rick Astley. good job calling someone else black hat when you yourself are black hat.

Jim said...

I first saw this on Visit Pittsburgh on Twitter and I thought that it was a good thing for Pittsburgh.

Even though I realized it was more about Eyeflow than The 'Burgh I wrote a post and gave the city a link, just because I live here, like the city and wanted to help.

Vannevar said...

EDITED: I lost this blog post and had to repost it. Then I copied the comments I'd received - the date/time groups are different, but the comments are as written.

Anonymous said...

Obviously every company has it's own form of advertising and this is one of Eyeflow's. Are you using Black hat because you are writing unique content and uploading and hoping people read and link to it? Please...

Let's follow the money, you write about topical stuff aand try to get indexed in Google and post your site meter at the bottom showing how many hits you get and hopefully sell the blog one day. OH NO! You are an evil black hatter! LOL! What a joke!

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