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May 11, 2009

Pledge Week Day One

Welcome to Pledge Week at WWVB

Remember that this blog is supported by readers like you.
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You may ask yourself, how can I afford to make a lengthy, witty comment?
Please be at ease - make the comment that feels right for you. If you want to contribute a major monograph, that's great - but if you'd prefer to make a brief "Go Steelers" entry, we'll be happy with whatever is appropriate for you.

Others may ask themselves, How do I know I'm ready for the committment?
Committment? Hah! This is a single comment, a one-night-stand, a zipless post, and if you'd prefer it can be Anonymous.

Remember your personal safety is important to us - because we'll need you back next year. Don't enter comments if driving - just signal, pull over to the side, make your comment, and then continue your driving activity. Let's be careful.

Monday's Pledge Status

We're going to roll open with a low profile, we're going to keep the powder dry on the fireworks and drama until crunch time later in the week.

Today's regularly scheduled programming is the long-anticipated Best Movies Ever List. Because of the pledge drive, we're unable to properly focus on our regular programming until we get a few pledges (comments) in, but we're happy to provide a small glimpse of our programming to come.

UPDATE:We're considering today's pledge effort "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED", and so our complete list of the Greatest Movies Ever is presented here.

As our pledge day progresses, we'll periodically return to our local programming and update the list with more movies!

1400 Mid Day Time Update, I-Z: Three comments so far today

1100 Mid Day Time Update, M-Z: Three comments so far today

0830 Drive Time Update, S-Z: One comment so far today

0600 Update

Act now. Don't wait for others to carry the burden!
Enter your comments today! You'll be glad you did.


Riff Raff Gregg said...

I brought home a movie to my wife over the weekend. I said, "This is supposed to be a good movie." The minute I said it I realized how stupid a remark it was. Who ever says, "This movie I selected for us on the one night of the week we can actually watch one is supposed to be terrible?"

As fate would have it, the movie sucked. The Brave One with Jodie Foster.

Mark said...

Must include:
American Beauty
Annie Hall
Star Wars
Little Big Man
Apocalypse Now
The Matrix
The Godfather
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Honorable Mention:
The Pianist
A Clockwork Orange
Groundhog Day

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