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May 11, 2009

Best Movies Ever

Best Movies Ever, The Complete List

Best Series of Movies

The Godfather
The Matrix
Star Wars
The Thin Man

Movies Under Consideration As Best Movies

We'd appreciate your comments about these movies. Do they belong in a Best Movies list? Are there others that you'd also put in a Best Movies List?

Best Quirky Movies Ever

Movies Other People Have Suggested That I Cannot Recommend as Best Movies Ever

American Beauty
Annie Hall: I loved it when it came out. I no longer watch Woody Allen movies.
Bullitt: best car scene ever.
Apocalypse Now
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Truly Atrocious Movies

A Clockwork Orange
Groundhog Day
Dances With Wolves

Three words that should send you running away from a movie:
"Starring Kevin Kostner"


Lady Elaine said...

Bladerunner is already on the list.

You list is quite interesting. I disagree with quite a few--ghost dog and breaking away are two of them. what a laugh.

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