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December 08, 2003

The Time Economy

Had an interesting discussion with Dorothy about an executive coaching program she's invested in, it contains a lot of cool aspects but it's built on the notion of the economy of time. Sort of a cool idea. They build their analysis of prioritization around their basic view of an economy of time, the notion that there are transactions, value judgements, and tradeoffs that should reflect rational economic decisions- and where they don't reflect rational decisions, there's room for examination and improvement.

I love the notion of different economies- for instance, in one of his books the Pope refers to "the economy of salvation" - and although I've really focused on the information economy it may be that the time economy is the one that we're all living (and dying) in.

Dorothy's talk (which I really appreciated when I realized that a person treating her time as an economic unit was spending some time with me) reminded me of my friend Mark, who has said that his epitath (and the title of one of his books) will be "The Time Bastard".

Later on I realized that time spent performing stupid but essential tasks was really just a tax on people that can't delegate.


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