January 21, 2022

Trump's 2022 Nobel Prize Peace in Ukraine

Long time, no post. But consider if you will:

Pure Speculation

Donald Trump's legal team keeps prosecutors and congressional investigators away from most of the meaty substance until March. In the meantime, Russia's Putin wants nothing so much as Trump back in the White House.

Putin invades a long, narrow column into Ukraine. 50 meters wide, 3 kilometers long. People quibble about significance. NATO stutters. In their 50-meter wide corridor, eventually bordered with fences and razor wire, Russians dig trenches along both sides of the narrow space.

In the center of the narrow 50 metres, supply vehicles shuttle comestibles and rotate new and used porta-potties in and out.

Stalemate persists. Strong words are exchanged among NATO. A major Russian presence outside of Ukraine exists to support the tiny intrustion. Cold warfare, trench warfare persist. Putin makes no statements. American soft power isn't effective. President Biden realizes the US people and the US Congress will not go to war over essentially a 5K track.

In May 2022, Donald Trump and his family (Don, Doofus, and Ivanka) surprise the world by appearing in Ukraine and driving in a cortege of EF-150's to the fenced perimeter. An Ilyshin has brought the electric trucks over. Chairs are produced by the Russians. Donald speaks through the fence with a senior Russian officer. They shake hands through the fence, and Trump drives away.

All Congressional and Attorney General (state and federal) demands for testimony and evidence are now blunted by Trump's assertion that he and his family are performing vital work in the national interest that can not be interrupted or disclosed at this time.

Every Friday, the Trump Family returns to the fenceline. Several Russians wearing uniforms but no insignia are waiting to talk with them. Photos are taken. In late May, Trump brings a dozen pizzas and delivers them to the Russians. In the future, Trump brings pizza every Friday. It's a NY sign of respect, he explains.

In June 2022, Trump and his family are brought inside the fenceline. The same unmarked uniforms great them. After a half hour, toasts are exchanged and the Trump Team departs. These face-to-face meetings continue every Friday. Trump has nothing to say to the press. To his base, on the subscription-only newletter, Trump says: We're working on things. I think it's going to be all right. I'm a guy who gets things done.

Next Friday, Trump brings every Russian staffing the trenches a new pillow from his friend Mike Lyndell.

Biden and the Administration are impotent. They can't get NATO to agree on military action, or even a blockade isolating the thin strip of land. Putin will not speak to Biden. Newspapers and investigators clamor for Trump to come home and face the music, but they have no effect.

In late July 2022, as the Pappilion variation of the COVID-19 virus is sweeping Europe, Trump promises to bring American vaccines and boosters to both the Russian troops inside the fence and also to the Ukrainian people living near the no-mans-land.

The vaccine effort is very successful. The No-Mans-Land and the surrounding towns are the safest places to be in Europe. Trump provides high-speed wifi at his own expense so soldiers on both sides can stay in touch with their families.

On the Friday before the Labor Day weekend, Trump and Family bring pizzas and walk inside the wire. The young Trumps walk further inside of the trench and step within a canvas cover. Donald and a senior Russian officer come to the wire, signal to TV crews, and DT says: "I'm going to spend the weekend here along with my family. They have always been my advisors. I think you're going to like, well let me say that I hope we'll have a good announcement soon".

On Sunday, after attending Russian Orthodox Services, Trump comes out of the wire. Reading from a prepared text, he says "I've enjoyed the hospitality of our hosts quite a bit, they're very generous and friendly, which is also my impression of the Russian people. They've shared everything they have with us.

Tomorrow you will see trucks, vehicles, personnel carriers moving in and out of this so-called No Man's Land. The Russian troops will withdraw to previous boundaries. When they are all gone, the Russian senior officer and I will talk the trenches and be sure that every single soldier is evacuated. By Tuesday, this crisis that some so-called leaders found insurmountable will have passed peacefully.

I want to thank Premier Putin and all his generals for their help in bring the world back from the edge of war. God bless all of them. God bless the United States. I will not take any questions at this sensitive time."

On Tuesday, the Russians have evacuated, Trump and the General make their walkthrough, and the previous border is re-established. Complete peace is restored by Sept.10th, although Russian forces still sit amassed along the Ukranian frontier.

Trump is not seen for days. Mid-September, Trump is seen touring his hotel properties in Europe. "A private citizen, just another American businessman in Europe" he shouts to the press.

Trump and his family are nominated to share the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize for prying the world away from WW3. And they win it.

Trump's command of the Republican party is cemented prior to the 2022 elections. The Republicans take the House. Republicans sweep the Senate. Joe Biden, once a president commanding the House and a tied Senate, becomes the whipping boy for 2023 and 2024.

Trump does not return to the United States until Nov.20th, to conduct a series of lightning rallies across the country. After election day, he decamps to the French Rivera to rest and spend time with his family. All attempts to hold him accountable, and to render him unelectable, have failed.

He is a hero with his Nobel prize.

What story have you got that does a better job of explaining the observed world?


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