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July 07, 2016

Uber & Black America in a Post-Jobs Economy

2016 is a post-jobs environment. The whole VC-world and business process improvement industry is focused on squeezing employees out of the business model. Manufacturing is gone. Middle-class jobs and unions are gone. It's very hard to find a job that supports a family. So we're in a post-jobs economy. Corporations want consumers but they don't want employees.

What happens to the families of people who were brought here as slave labor, and then worked in steel mills, union jobs, civil service jobs - when all those sectors are shrinking or gone? What happens to the people we forced here and forced to work, when there isn't any more work?

So they work the side-hustle. They sell loosies and CD's. They're doing what they can to support their families. They're breaking rules just like Uber-Lyft-AirBnB breaks rules for considerably less money.

and of course: you're next. Choose well.


Anonymous said...


Last hired, first fired is still alive and well.


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