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February 21, 2016

Mitigation Strategies for Four Factors in Preventable American Deaths

Deaths as a function of Guns, Cars, Rage/Depression, and Procedures:
So there's four spheres that interact and result in preventable deaths. We don't have to prevent them all - just preventing a lot of them would have a significant benefit. So how to address the Four Factors {guns, cars, rage, procedures}?
  • Address Procedures by:
    • Require training in weapons handling
    • Retesting - both Q-and-A and handling - a portion of guns/cars users every X years.
    • Change the posture from car-culture and gun-culture "accidents" to safety-culture "events", and publish results of event investigations.
    • Conduct public awareness campaigns identifying common themes in gun and car procedural failures.
  • Address Rage by:
    • waiting period for gun purchases.
    • background checks for gun owners.
  • Address Cars by:
    • reducing speeds by enforcing speed limits
    • Adopting Vision Zero philosophy of: there are no cost-justified car deaths
    • provide public transit as an essential public service.
    • implementing autonomous vehicles
  • Address Guns by:
    • CDC gun-violence studies from a public health perspective.
    • reduce easy availability of guns
    • remove access to assault weapons
(I was tempted to simply write Emotions where I ended up placing Rage, but I'm told that I'm not right about the emo-spectrum so I drilled down)


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