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November 30, 2015

White-washing Pittsburgh's Yinzer version of Colorado Springs

On Thanksgiving, a cab driver picked up a fare at a casino and was driving him home to Hazelwood. The passenger started asking the brown-skinned driver, Are you a Muslim? Are you one of those Pakistani guys? Then the passenger made comments about the driver's religion. At the destination, the passenger said: please wait a minute, my wallet's inside. So he waited. The passenger came back out with a rifle. The driver took off, and was shot by the passenger.
  • How could this Thursday event not be covered in the media until Sunday? Could it be that it took a national press release by CAIR to call Pittsburgh media's attention?
  • There's video in the cab. The police know the address the cab-shooter lives at.
  • You might think the next point would be: how can this happen in Pittsburgh? but of course there's no surprise there. Pittsburgh is one of the least diverse cities in America.
  • Saturday night, a St. Clair police officer was killed in the line of duty. Monday morning, the shooter is in jail. Why the difference in response and arrests?
This is our own Yinzer version of Colorado Springs. The call by CAIR for federal inquiry means they don't trust local authorities to do it right. That's a wake-up call if anybody's listening.


LIZ said...

The shooting was actually covered by local outlets immediately after it happened, but there was no more information about the victim or shooter at that time:

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