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August 07, 2014

Sarajevo 2.0 with Air Travel this time

Something missing from 1914's pissing contests that gave us World War One was air travel - navigation in those days was surface-bound, so all the contretemps played out at altitude=zero. Now we've got a European and near-Euro sky filled with a weave of airplanes and airspace boundaries, so the petty squabbles of nation-states and tribes can indeed project into the heavens.

And there's also this:

There's two problems - problems of intent and problems of chaos. Problems of intent occur when a Ukranian plane strays into Russian territory and now it's an intruder and subject to shoot-down. Problems of chaos occur when non-standard routes and congestion cause confusion and complexity, leading to errors and tragedy. Because all those planes that aren't flying over the restricted areas are flying somewhere non-standard.


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