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November 13, 2013

Mayor Peduto: Justice for Jordan Miles on Day One, Please

Dear Mayor Peduto,

Congratulations on your election. Years of work and preparation have earned you this opportunity, and you enter this phase with the good will of the city.

The difference between being a Candidate and Mayor is summed up in one word, two characters, and they are: No. Any executive, any person in charge, has to say No to many things so that they can say Yes to the few things that will really deliver. Triage: pruning the noise, avoiding the distractions, focusing on Value - it's the trick of wisdom and leadership. You'll do OK on that, I think.

There's a lot of trash left over from the previous administration. You and your people know about some of it. Some of it you'll discover while moving in. Some of it you won't know about for a year or two; every time somebody picks up a rock you'll find new worms, and probably the FBI and the Grand Jury will bring you some news. The sooner you can put the old news behind you, the better.

Your city has problems with the police department, and let's recall that the police union supported the Other Guy - so you have problems with the police department.

You need to show the community that things are different, you need to teach the police department that things have changed, and you build a situation for your new (outsider) police chief to walk into where our inbred parochial Burgh-club has already been told that it's not business-as-usual any more.

Settle the Jordan Miles case on Day One. Whatever the amount. Consider the cost of not settling, and letting this drag on during your administration. Deliver Justice for Jordan Miles and then move on to the new business of the Peduto Administration.

I know the City has ostensibly setting their aspect of the Jordan Miles case. But the damages done by the three City Police are still being contested, and the City will end up paying for those - because the City picks up the tab for Police cruelty. Wrap this up, move to the bottom line, leave this with the Ravenstahl years.

Bring in your temporary Acting Chief, and explain that Zone Commanders and the chain of command will be held responsible for the misdeeds of their officers. Explain that it's a new day in Pittsburgh. Serve notice that your Law Office is reviewing the policy of indemnifying police officers in cases of civil rights violations; yes, they will be personally liable for their actions.

Say No to continuing this Injustice, say No to putting your administration's good name on this process, and say Yes to Justice for Jordan. Leave the sins of the Mayor Ravenstahl - Chief Harper regime clearly in their time.


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