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November 29, 2013

Le'Veon Bell Caption Contest, Praise and Worship, Mullah Humbuggery

In Baltimore on Thanksgiving Night, a Pittsburgher's brain was smashed by another young man. His head bounced against the pavement and then he fell unconscious to the ground. Fortunately, there are witnesses and photographic evidence.

This was the official Baltimore Ravens tweet:

This is from the veteran Sports Illustrated writer:

This is an actual photo of the incident:

CAPTION QUIZ: Choose the one answer that best answers the question.
What was the photo caption in the Post-Gazette?
Le'Veon Bell loses his helmet after a hit that cost the Steelers a touchdown late in the fourth quarter.
Le'Veon Bell's head is smashed by another player, his helmet comes off, then his head bounces off the cement floor before his body fell unconscious to the ground while 30,000 people cheered. He is being examined for concussive brain injury.

Praise and Worship: Friday morning, a large prayer group was held in the Robinson Township Mall to focus on Le'Veon Bell's full cognitive recovery and mitigation of the expected life-long damage.:

And the mullahs say we're a decadent society. Humbug.


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