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November 24, 2013

Closing Time (aka Project Gwyneth) : Prior Art for Google Glass

I was just riding around last week, and I saw a perfect view that summed up the city I love. It juxtaposed small market and big city, retail and vertical development, analog and digital, old school and new school, the whole shebang.

As I stood over my bicycle and considered the view and what it said to me, I also thought: damn, this would be perfect if it wasn't for those overhead power lines. If only there was like, PhotoShop for real life and I could make that go away.

And then I thought, well, maybe there is such a thing. What kind of software will does Google Glass come with? Would Google Glass come with filters? Would it come with AutoFix, and will I not have to see overhead power lines?

And I felt pretty good about that.

Then I wondered, where does it stop? What else would you do with that capability? What else are they already doing with that capability?

It came to me in a flash, and I am sure that I am right: ClosingTime™. Google's developing the software under the code name: Project Gwyneth™.

ClosingTime™ (Project Gwyneth) leverages Google Glass with a mashup of all the benefits of photoshop and of being in a bar at closing time integrated with the visual acquisition of everybody you see. Everybody just looks better; skinnier, prettier, handsomer, taller, whatevs. No acne, blotches, zits.

No need to drink alcohol in a bar, get drunk, risk a DUI or a terrible tragic accident on the way home. This is going to save a lot of lives.

If you upgrade to LastCall-AllAboutYou™, you can set personal filters that cater to your personal preferences, such as upturned or flat noses, blond or red highlights in hair, freckles, earrings, etc.

This is going to be another game-changer, another disruptive innovation that shuts down an entire segment of the economy. It could put bars and the entire beer industry out of business.

I'm just publishing this now, Nov.23 2013, as documentation of Prior Art for the patent research. Just saying.


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