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October 22, 2013

Web Site Reviewer-In-Chief

President Obama is absolutely disappointed in the ACA-ObamaCare website. You've got to feel for the website team; their Commander-in-Chief has thrown them under the bus.

This website had to do something no other website ever had to do. On DayOne, it had to have full capability for every American. No pilot rollout, no let's do Pennsylvania first and then rollout to the rest of the Nation; one day off, next day Everything for Everybody.

The website has to connect with multiple online datasources that were never meant to be connected in order to confirm eligibility and status. The task makes Big Data look like chump change.

The terms and conditions the website had to deal with were only finalized in the last two months prior to Rollout Day. It's not like the technical standards were established six months before rollout. The requirements were constantly under development.

This project was a goat-roping exercise from the get-go, and the only people that can be surprised are people that think that projects like these are magic.

We're going to see a few stages in the response pattern.

  • Right now we're in BlameShaming. In BlameShaming we don't pick on people, we pick on processes, technology, and standards. So they say things like:
    • it's the government procurement process that's to blame
    • the site uses outdated technology (like, Javascript is 15 years old and HTML is so 1992)
  • Next we'll see Conspiracy, and that will look like this: The site is only slow because Rush Limbaugh and Senator Cruz have told their minions to keep flooding the site with very difficult queries
  • Meanwhile, Federal Employees, back from their furloughs, will be doing actual work and improving things, and conditions will improve.
  • Simultaneous with Improvement, Witchhunts in the House will demonize people for providing healthcare to the poor, which is ironically rather Biblical (Ezekiel 34:4)

Also, their cloud loads slow.


Joe said...

The contractor promised to deliver a working product, and didn't do it. I think that deserves blame.

Anonymous said...

Contractors always promise to deliver a working product. Then you get to blame them for not doing it (if they don't). And then you still don't have a working product. Wasn't that constructive?

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