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March 02, 2013

Jedi Mind Meld and Sequestration: Not a mistake?

On Friday, President Obama was speaking about the sequestration and his ability to impose his will and he said, I can't do a Jedi-mind-meld and force them to do what I want.

Critics and fan-bois were falling over each other trying to explain that President Obama had mixed his sci-fi metaphor. How could he get that wrong?

How, indeed? Isn't a President that's hosted Nichelle Nichols at the White House unlikely to make such a stupid mistake?

Could it be that he's actually describing a new technique that he's hoping to apply - combining his own Spock-like discipline, intellect and self-control with the techniques used by the Jedi to sway the simple minded creatures?

What would that look like? If Jedi's are the good guys, who are the storm troopers? What is President Obama suggesting?


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