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February 22, 2013

Unforeseen Consequences: Two-Way Mayor's Race

It's such a sad line, it should be a country music title: If they only knew then, what everybody knows now. To put it in geek terms: Where's the Undo Button?

Probably, if they knew then what people know now, they would never have let Young Luke sit in the Council President's Chair; none of the grownups could agree so they put the rookie in the big chair and planned on having a fun year. In retrospect, maybe that wasn't brilliant.

If they knew then what they know now, the wags would not have complained that a three-way race for Mayor was a very bad idea because Bill and Mike would split the ABL (anybody but Luke) vote. When Luke implodes (or, more to the point, when his handlers get tired of all the attention in about three weeks) then it'll be a Bill vs Mike election. Good thing we started with three.

Finally, if they knew then what they know now: Peduto probably would not have decided to skip the March Dem party committee vote. (edit) May primary. With his earlier organization he might have taken the primary and had easy sailing to the coronation.

Unwarranted Prediction: Luke's campaign folds/crashes before May, and it's a Bill vs. Mike election.

EBay Speculation: get all the Ravenstahl 2013 buttons and yard signs you can get your hands on, since they'll be valuable collector's items in a few years.


Unknown said...

Bill isn't skipping the May primary. He's skipping the Democratic Party endorsement vote on March 10.

Anonymous said...

Peduto isn't skipping the primary election... He isn't going for the party committee endorsement... Huge difference lol

Bram Reichbaum said...

Peduto is not skipping the May primary, he's skipping seeking the Committee's endorsement FOR the May primary. He will probably seek the P-G's endorsement, for example, and different unions and public officials. For the May primary. I agree one could argue that even skipping the endorsement hunt turned out not so great.

Sorry if I am overexplaining things.

Vannevar said...

Thanks to all, good readers, for the correction. I do appreciate it. V.

Jasmine said...

Dont count out the Boy King too early....he does have the cocaine and stripper vote locked up

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