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January 08, 2013

Faux Umbrage by the P-G Drama Merchants

The Post-Gazette is shocked, shocked to discover:
  • unprecedented and unprofessonal behavior in an incident in which a woman called 911, the phone line went dead, police went to the house, a man told them not to worry and refused entry, and the police went away; the next day she was found dead
  • that the police department is connected to the Ravenstahl administration and accountable to an elected official.

What is most craven about the Post-Gazette's umbrage is that their faux-outrage is not over the death of the woman and not about the indifference to another 911 call but rather the fact that a PR flack for a politician forwarded their questions to other reporters... and ruined their presumed exclusive.

In other words, the Post-Gazette was about to gain an edge from the drama and tragedy until the Ravenstahl administration and the police department decided to teach them a small lesson.

In taking offense at the loss of their scoop rather than at the incompetent, systematic indifference to the loss of life, the P-G is no better than those they presume to sell stories about.


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