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November 08, 2012

Red Cognitive Dissonance Syndrome NY, NJ

Intriguing to see a couple of state and city politicians (Christie, Bloomberg) relying on public-sector union workers, calling for the federal government to provide services that the free market can not or will not provide, and intervening without hesitation in the Sacred Market Place by implementing energy rationing rather than relying on the Omnipotent Invisible Hand to work it all out.

And, for a slightly intermediate view, wasn't Richard Nixon the most recent President to implement national price controls (in 1971 and again in 1973)?

And yet, which political party (hint: Nixon, Bloomberg, Christie) makes a lot of noise about being free-market advocates, job creators, union-busters, and competent self-reliant pragmatists? Seems like a complete disconnect between what they do, and what they call the other folks.

Here's my suggested entry for the next update of the DSM-IV:

Diagnosis: Red Cognitive Dissonance Syndrome (RCDS)
Key Diagnostic Indications: Patient behaves in expedient manner contradicting all previous philosophy, presents justification along the lines of: but this one is different.
Maybe that's what they mean when they say they believe in American Exceptionalism: "I believe all that stuff I said before, 'xcept this one time is a special case, really."


Willard Mittens said...

If those socialist R.I.N.O.s would just let the free market work its Ayn Rand Magic eventually Wall St Banksters would have started handing out water and supplies (for a small one time "in need" fee)

Bram Reichbaum said...

There's a clear difference between conservatism, and unencumbered marketism.

These two are natural enough allies day to day, but entirely different projects and animals. Republicans and hence "conservatives" are represented in the culture and in Congress by an overabundance of the latter.

Cognitive dissonance alleviated?

Since unencumbered marketism does not aim a solving common problems but in creating individual opportunities, it rationalizes itself through providential appeals: self-reliance (divine justice), American exceptionalism (divine Providence) the "culture of life" and of religion, the Framers, nationalism, and as necessary shows of strength in war and suspicion of the outsider and "other".

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