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January 03, 2012

Portland is Last Year and Hipsters are Passé; Pittsburgh and nü-Yinzers are 2012 n'at

From the Washington Post, The 2012 In/Out List signals these transitions:
  • Out: Portland. In: Pittsburgh
  • Out: Hyperbole. In: Pragmatism

The Hipster is Dead. Long Live the nü-Yinzer

In a follow-up article explaining the Portland-Out-Pittsburgh-In declaration, Washington Post writer (and Pittsburgh expat) Maura Judkis explains,
“Portland has overextended its welcome as the destination for hipsters who want to find themselves, while frolicking in beautiful scenery and reasonable rents,” says [In/Out Listmaker] Hesse. “Pittsburgh is reasonable-rents, nice scenery, nice downtown, and the people are, in general, just far less insufferable.”

...I’ll go a step further. Portland, with its elaborate facial hair and abundance of strip clubs, represents irony. Pittsburgh, with its working-class pragmatism, is the opposite: earnest and straightforward. It’s a place where people drink cheap beer and wave their Terrible Towels without self-consciousness.

The natural life span of the hipster has come to an end.

Pittsburgh is poised to offer a new type of lifestyle. The Steel City has its own bike routes, microbreweries, organic food markets, art and lush scenery. Pittsburgh was named one of the world’s 20 must-see destinations by National Geographic Traveler in 2011 (Only one other place in the United States, Sonoma, Calif., made the list).

With its dramatic merging of two rivers, it has one of the best skylines in America. Don’t forget that it has one of the country’s weirdest and most delicious sandwiches.

It might be a cliche to say that Portland’s 15 minutes are up but not in an article about Pittsburgh. The man who first uttered that phrase — Andy Warhol — was a native son.


DbackLover said...

I always knew that I loved the burgh but 20 must see destinations... that is awesome.

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