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January 20, 2012

Newt's Brilliant Ayn Rand Marriage Strategy

I think most people have completely failed to imagine the possibility of Newt Gingrich's strategic brilliance this week, and it demonstrates the capability of a visionary leader with a solid grounding in our nation's exceptional history to move beyond what seems possible.

This week's maneuver in which the second Mrs. Gingrich (M-G2.0) described Newt's suggestion and exploration of a novel way to preserve a marriage, which is the foundational bedrock of our culture, was misunderstood by many as a setback when it was actually a game-changing repositioning by the Gingrich campaign.

Cain-supporter Stephen Colbert came the closest to understanding, when he pointed out that "at least Newt asked permission. That’s a Southern gentleman. That’s what Robert E. Lee would have done."

M-G2.0's outreach to married women was also a brilliantly conceived attempt to connect with Ron Paul's LLV's (Libertarian Leaning Voters). Newt's beyond Mitt Romney; it's a mop-up operation now, and it's time to bring the Apostate's Apostles into Newt's Big Tent where they belong.

Sometimes public leaders have to speak in code. For instance, when Newt talks about janitors and food stamps, we know what he's referring to. It's fun being in on a stealth conversation.

When Marianne Gingrich (M-G2.0) tells her story of Newt asking for an "arrangement" or an "understanding", those code words are appealing to two distinct constituencies with just one message.
  • He appeals to Romney's Francophile supporters, who know that if this were France, nobody would consider this cinq à sept newsworthy.
  • He directly channels the Libertarian spirit of bold individuality and appeals directly to Ron Paul's core followers.
Two targets, one shot. Brilliant.

Ayn Rand famously wanted to have an affair with her young assistant Nathaniel Blumenthal, so she worked it out with her own husband and then approached the young man's wife proposing an arrangement to her two employees. Ayn Rand was faithful to that arrangement until the young man foolishly reneged on his committment2.0 to Ayn. Which was very painful to her, and we've all known pain in our lives.

By having Marianne Gingrich (M-G2.0) tell the story of Newt ending up in the same philosophical position viz-a-vis monogamy, Newt realizing the way to save our foundational bedrock institution of marriage was to accomodate the outsourcing that has made our economy a place where job creators can do their best, unencumbered by paperwork and legacy standards, Marianne was speaking directly to Ron Paul's LLV's (Libertarian Leaning Voters) who understand Libertarian code-words.

In fact, when you look at the history of Newt's relationships, you'll see his continuous commitment to Randy philosophy (a philosophy which resulted in Rand's being considered Cougar Zero). Early polling shows support for Ron Paul dropped 35% overnight, and most of those voters indicate they're moving into Newt's Big Tent.

Newt is synthesizing the individual-driven Objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand with the rebirth we see in Christian forgiveness. You get into the new relationship with Ayn Rand; you get out of it with Christianity. Only a mind with the inquisitive breadth of Newt Gingrich could manage this fusion. That's why We Need Newt.

Newt Gingrich. Ayn Rand.
  • They share a vision to save Marriage.
  • They share a vision for America.

Anyway, how does a guy with three wives end up criticizing a Mormon?


Anonymous said...

Callista Gingrich (CG-3.0) just gave an interview to CBN where she swears that Newt's tent is "not big".

Don Brown said...

"Anyway, how does a guy with three wives end up criticizing a Mormon?"

The same way so many Christian businessmen wind up idolizing an atheist (Ayn Rand).

Once again, Jimmy Buffett proves to be the greatest philosopher of our time: "If we weren't all crazy, we would go insane."

Don Brown

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