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January 01, 2012

2012 Burgh Bike Wish List

There's a great discussion on the Bike-Pgh web forum soliciting 2012 WishLists, here's the link and here's my Wish List:

My demands as such fall completely in the context of WOW it's great here, there's a lot of wonderful things, great people working on the future, my glass is 98% full.

The weakness in my requests, and probably part of the reason that several of these things aren't accomplished, is that they involve regional vision and Pittsburgh is a Balkanized parochial mishmash. (but a very nice one to live in)

I must also recognize that my list consists of things I want OtherPeople to do and pay for. I think that some of these requests fall into the category of paint-and-signs, and some of these requests will bring "network" higher-added-values (I can't bring myself to say synergy). And with that:

  • Complete some path from SouthSideWorks to Waterfront. Doesn't have to be the permanent path but damn, open the SC gate for now, etc. If I could only have one thing, this would be it.

  • Develop simple, foolproof signage that helps a stranger riding from Ohiopyle to navigate the Boston-McKeesport-Duquesne-Waterfront-SouthSide- AND THEN WHAT? Station Square - Ft.Pitt Bridge OR Hot Metal Bridge - Jail Trail - Dahtahn Streets? The presentation that visitors see in the last 20 miles of riding into Pgh is confusing, non-intuitive, and not visitor-friendly.
    • Riding 300 miles from DC to Boston PA? Simple.
    • The last 20 miles to the Point? Impenetrable for a non-Yinzer.
    • Classic old-school Pittsburgh, you have to already know how to get there to be able to get there.

  • Opening the trail segment at SouthSideWorks - which looks quite ready.

  • Signage/Marking telling cyclists how to get from SouthSide - StationSquare to PointStatePark to NorthSide. There's several ways to do it, but there's no way for an non-Burgher to easily know.

  • Complete a signed/marked route from Station Square to Coraopolis and the Montour Trail. Could be: Put sharrows and share-the-road signs on 51 and Neville Island (and done!)

  • The southern connection from GAP to Montour Trail needs attention, especially now that the Airport Connector is open. Which I love.

  • The Panhandle Trail from Burgettstown to the WV State Line needs to be upgraded.

And in the 3-year timeframe (hey, we all have our fantasies, right?)
  • Route/road/trail that extends the PanHandle to the City.

  • Trail from Coraopolis to Monaca

  • Trailside hostel in Pittsburgh

  • Changing stations at a few trailheads like they have in Rockwood

  • Bike lockers at a few key locations


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