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October 25, 2011

TMI: Postive Result 2011 Tour de France for ManxMan Mark Cavendish

Positive results confirmed in the 2011 Tour de France for green jersey winner (best sprinter) Mark Cavendish (MBE), aka the 'the ManxMan' in recognition of his home on the Isle of Man.

From The Daily Mail:
Page Three pinup girl Peta Todd has revealed that she is pregnant with Mark Cavendish's baby. The model and the cycling champion conceived their child during the Tour de France in July.

"We planned it," she said in an interview with The Sun. "I'm four months gone, which means it was conceived in July, during the Tour de France. It's a Tour baby."

"We haven't found out the sex yet but we will. I think it's a boy because I've already had a boy, but Mark thinks it's a girl. Athletes often conceive girls during the racing season because their testosterone levels are low." (paging Floyd Landis, message for Floyd Landis...)

In the 2011 Tour de France, Mark Cavendish won stage 5, stage 7, stage 11, stage 15 and stage 21 — bringing his total to 20 career Tour de France stage wins, and the first person ever to win the final stage three years in succession. Even though he was docked 20 points for finishing outside the time limit after stage 18 and again after stage 19, Cavendish went on to win the points classification and in doing so he became the first British cyclist to ever win the maillot vert (green jersey).

We are very happy for the expecting couple, yet we find ourselves obligated to say that it's Too Much Information to be told the details of the Blessed Event. Ever-obsessing cycling fans will speculate: does this explain his poor form in the time trial?

Eventually this child will grow up enough to read the newspapers, and see his Mum's Page3 work in the online archives, and - as if that's not enough - to have his schoolmates chattering about his conception; that seems too much by half.

It's a bit like Ron Howard giving his children middle names related to the place of their conception. And he was so nice and decent as Opie.


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