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October 12, 2011

Digital Handlebars: Info Display for a Smart Bike

One of the design challenges of the information explosion is the display of information. What's the best way to present the Memex' output?

Generally, the ideal output device would repurpose an existing flat surface already in the home: a wall, a table top, the television. One perennial concept is to use the refrigerator doors as a display and touchscreen. (The new iFrigidAire: 18 cubic feet, in-door icemaker, 1080p display!)

From the nice people at E Ink we see this new design of bicycle handlebars as an information display:

It's really an excellent example of what "E ink" might be used for, and it led me to wonder, What would I want displayed on the digital handlebars of my smartBike™?

Starting from the left, I'd want "panic buttons" to dial 911, transmit an ELT, or display ICE (in case of emergency) info. I'd want cadence and speed data.

In the middle panel, assuming the bike has a FlightDeck/ ErgoBrain type arrangement where the bike knows what gear it is in, I'd want to see the current gear displayed, and I'd want to see the next gear selection (in my effective-gear-path) highlighted (assuming the bike knows that I'm accelerating or deccelerating, and uses that information for upshift/downshift). I'd want to know the status of 3G, GPS, and Bluetooth coverage, and I'd want my heart monitor output (bluetooth connection).

In the right panel, I'd want distance, elapsed time, local time, and battery status (usb-charged).

The displays could be programmed (miles/km, ICE info, etc) via a Bluetooth smartphone.


SiouxGeonz said...

I've been wanting a dashboard for y'ars... it doesn't have to be built in, even.

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