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September 28, 2011

Goofus and Gallant 2.0 : Etiquette for 2011

Back when life was simpler — which was the Eight Year's Peace between Korea (1953) and VietNam (1961) — there was a magazine found in doctor's offices called Highlights. One of the perennial features was "Goofus and Gallant", a simple depiction of two young boys that communicated universally accepted lessons in good behavior. For instance, the cartoon below contrasts two different versions of telephone (retro-landline) etiquette.

1961 Landline Etiquette with Goofus and Gallant

Legacy Goofus and Gallant Doesn't Work in 2011

As the political scene and public discourse veers into increasingly complex and divisive issues, many people who find themselves in ILP status are challenged to explain contemporary values to their co-associated youngsters.

The original Goofus and Gallant (aka G&G 1.0) content doesn't meet the needs of today's young consumers. In order to meet that need, the legacy G&G cartoons have been digitized and re-purposed as G&G 2.0 to teach more contemporary lessons.

2011: Goofus and Gallant 2.0 with the Robinsons

(Anachronistic clue to obscure Mrs. Robinson cultural reference here.)


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