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August 15, 2011

Evil Empire Attacks GMail Man

The Evil Empire (Microsoft) is introducing their new Office365 product, which is essentially cloud-based Office-Pro. If you're competing with Google and GoogleDocs, how do you differentiate? Perhaps by calling attention to Google's terms of service and casting aspersions and FUD.

This is good, it attempts to join the tradition of "I'm a Mac", and it's possibly the best attempt at humor we've seen from Microsoft (at least, since that paperclip parody that so many people took seriously).

What's really kind of funny is that Microsoft is approaching irrelevancy for individual users. It's not Apple vs. Microsoft anymore, it's Apple vs. Android/Google, and all the things you once used Microsoft for (word processing, email, etc) now happen in your browser window. And friends don't let friends use Internet Explorer.

It may be illustrative to check this page of Google's GMail privacy policy. This link provides a button to opt-out of Google's interest-based advertising.


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