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July 08, 2011

WDUQ Saturday : Fracking is a Game Changer

Saturday at Noon, Sunday at 6pm, WDUQ 90.5 or

I'm a fan of National Public Radio (NPR), and also of an NPR show called This American Life (TAL). TAL's main driver is Ira Glass, and he's excellent.

This week's TAL is about fracking in Pennsylvania. Here's the intro text:
A professor in Pennsylvania makes a calculation, and the result blows his mind. The numbers say that his state is sitting atop a massive reserve of natural gas—enough to lead a revolution in how America gets its energy. But another professor in Pennsylvania does a different calculation and reaches a troubling conclusion: that getting natural gas out of the ground poses a risk to public health. The story of two men, two calculations, and two very different consequences.

The show will air Saturday at noon and Sunday at 6pm. The show's website will have the audio available Sunday after 7pm.


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