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February 21, 2011

Unionized Public Employees Seen At Fiery Blaze

A Saturday night fire at an apartment building in Brooklyn, New York, killed one resident and left the other residents of the 65 apartments without shelter.

From the New York Times:
Roughly 200 firefighters struggled in the dark for seven hours — from dinnertime Saturday to early Sunday — to control the blaze at a red-brick apartment building in a heavily immigrant neighborhood made up mostly of blocks of one- and two-family homes. The firefighters battled temperatures plunging into the 20s and fierce gusts of wind reaching 40 miles per hour that whipped the flames and turned the upper floors into an inferno.

Green circles are added in order to help you identify these unionized public employees (who seem to almost blend into the environment).

More than 20 firefighters and four residents suffered minor injuries, fire officials said. None was life-threatening. The injured were treated at the scene by paramedic crews and also at local Kings County Hospital. They were all treated by unionized public employees. Concidence? ITN.

Multiple Unionized Public Employees Spotted At Fiery Blaze

The deceased victim was Mary Feagin, 62, who was a guidance counselor at a school in Brownsville (herself a unionized public employee).

Although the exact role these unionized public employees played in the evening's disaster is yet to be confirmed, their eagerness to rush to the scene, control the fire, and have their pictures taken begs for further inquiry.

Fortunately, the current mood of the American spirit will bring commentary and analysis from politicians, presidential hopefuls, and other informed experts, although at this time we are surprisingly unable to identify any member of those groups that has ever run into a burning building.


MH said...

Didn't WI's governor exclude the police and fire fighter unions from his smackdown?

Vannevar said...

Dear MH,

first - thanks as always for your comments, I appreciate it.

second - yes, the Gov did exclude the police and firefighters. The police supported his election. Interesting that the firefighters oppose his actions.

The exemption makes rhetorical / political sense, and it works on the divide/conquer level also. The first shallow/weak response to a budget challenge is usually, Oh NO, we're going to have to close the fire station/ police station/ 911 center. The gov preempted that response.

Cheers and All the Best,

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