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February 05, 2011

Sofa King Crazy in Oakland. Again?

Tim McNulty in today's Post Gazette: Inspectors scour Oakland for couches waiting to burn

Pittsburgh has previously banned indoor furniture that is kept outdoors, in an attempt to minimize the couch burnings (originated at WVU) seen after major events (see, Oakland 2009).

Just like in other places (Egypt, Tunisa, Iran) social media plays a role on both sides of the police barriers. From The Pitt News, a student named Ralph Johnson shows that he really doesn't understand Google cache:
“The Riots Will Continue!” Ralph Johnson, a freshman, posted (on Facebook).

“As young students at a large university, I feel as if a large, chaotic celebration is imminent. A lot of kids are going to be engaged in drinking and out of the excitement, it’s definitely not out of line to say people are going to be going crazy,” Johnson predicted.

Other people advocated Dumpster fires on Forbes Avenue, climbing traffic lights and burning couches.

I think it's probably smart to remove the outdoor couches in Oakland. It may be counter-productive to say, Don't Burn Couches. (see previous post)
What I really wonder about is the police presence.

From The Pitt News, Police Set For Sunday:
More than 400 extra police officers from the city, county, state and University department will also be on hand to maintain order, according to city police security plans.

In 2009, there were problems in Oakland after the Super Bowl. What's going to be different this year? A big difference is, now the police have had paramilitary G-20 experience in Oakland. (OC Gas, rubber bullets).

Don't worry about it.


Bram Reichbaum said...

Can you imagine if the network of itinerant anarchists put two and two together, and realize that conditions are IDEAL for provoking another mass civilians vs. police catastrophe? Fortunately I don't think they give a damn about paying attention to the places they've already been, and won't realize that in lieu of your run-of-the-mill international economic forum, Oakland during Super Bowl XLV would fit them like a glove.

Vannevar said...

It would be an interesting and terrible (IMO) development if anarchists (or Islamic terrorists) saw hometowns of teams in major sporting events as opportunities for "propaganda of the deed", as they say.

But I must say that my concern in this instance (Oakland on Super Bowl Sunday) isn't anarchists, but rather the militarized police response.

Bram Reichbaum said...

You have every reason for that concern. I'm betting against it however, feeling like the cops are going to be mentally in a celebratory football mood (the same mental space as the students) and dealing with a very set of circumstances (post-Super Bowl festivities).

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